Research Topic 6: Firebase New Feature —— Extensions

Firebase Extensions is new beta feature provided by Firebase team few months ago. Using Firebase Extensions can reduce your coding workload, such a great tool!

Because it still in beta version, there are only 9 extensions are available.

I tested the Translate Text extension, which can help me translate my firestore string data into multiple languages.

Before I used this extension, if I want to make a multiple language website/app, I need to extract the text I wanted to translate from firestore first. Then, use Google translate API to translate the text to different languages. After that, I have to write some code to input the translation result back to firestore. As you can imagine, the process is tedious and time consuming.

Fortunately, with the translate text extension, I am able to finish the same task without one line of code.

Firstly, install the translate text extension and fill out the configuration.

Chose the languages you wanted to output and the collection information. Then, just click install and wait for 3-5 minutes. Done!

The next thing I need to do just input the text that needs to be translated. Like the screenshot below

As you can see, I can input English or other languages. Both of them will be translated to the target languages that I chose during the configuration page.

In conclusion, Firebase extension provides new probability to developer and also save their time. Maybe the translate result cannot be 100% correct, but it can still reduce developer’s workload.