Project Entry 13: Code Freeze — Project Weekly Progress Report

Today is the final day of Fall term. Next week would be the final exam week. Our project is almost done!!!

All coding work and business proposal material are almost done. So now we are more focus on practising presentation. My main job is in charge of the DEMO part during presentation which is not easy. I need to make it fun.

During this week, I fixed many style bugs and change the API endpoint to version 1 in the front-end Before version 1 endpoint, we just put different function into different routers without version control. But as the server side course requirement, set up version control in back-end endpoint is a good development habit. So we reorganize the endpoint in “api/v1/xxx” format.

On Friday afternoon, after all this changes done, we start code freeze!! Nobody is going to touch the code until we finish final presentation!!!

Good luck for us!!!