Research Topic 4: HackerRank, a good place to practise algorithm

HackerRank is a website help developers practise coding, prepare for interviews. If you want to get a developer job, you have to take a look!!

When we were in Java course, our instructor Reza told us there is a website which is good for us to learn algorithm. The website is HackerRank.

So I browsed this site and found HackerRank is really useful. For example, there is a session called Practice. In this session, you have the chance to face considerable Algorithm coding questions, which may displayed during some tech companies interview. In addition to Algorithm question, there are Data structure questions and Mathematics questions. And both of them have different levels from Easy to Hard.

One of the advantages of this website is that they provide multiple programing languages for each question. That is, we are able to choose our preference language to solve those problems. For me, I prefer using JavaScript, so I can solve questions based on JavaScript syntax instead of Java or C++. Furthermore, if I learn Python in the future, then can redo those questions in Python.

In order to improve my coding skill, I join the event 30 Days of Code in HackerRank. Each day I would get a new programing challenge to solve. If you also want to improve your programing skill, feel free to join the event!!