Project Entry 1: Project 2 Ideas

Hello Guys, I am going to share 3 interesting ideas.

Hello Guys, I am going to share three exciting ideas for WMDD Project 2. During the group meeting on 10 Sep 2019, each team member brought up with three ideas regarding Project 2. And after a long period of discussion, we finalized the top 3 plans via voting.

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Research Topic 1: School Policy on Bullying and Harass

After reading the Langara Policy on Bullying and Harass, I realized every student has the same rights and obligations in this safety campus. That is, Misconduct behavior against persons is unacceptable physically or mentally.

It is essential for me to keep in mind that only I respect others can I get respect from others. I would follow this rule and try to help others who are in trouble. Besides, if I saw sexual violence and misconduct around me, I should report to the college.